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De-stress and unwind during this full-body massage with light to medium pressure to increase circulation and sooth muscle knots. 90 minute treatments may incorporate additional modalities including acupressure or targeted deep tissue if requested. Treatment is provided lying down on a massage table.

Restore balance through the mind and body with this healing Reiki/energy work massage.This holistic approach uses hands on (acupressure) and hands off (Reiki) touch to awaken your body's innate healing abilities. This simple, yet powerful treatment, brings balance and clears stagnant areas of energy in your body and can bring relief to physical and/or emotional pain, alleviate chronic illness and accelerate the healing process after any type of medical or holistic treatment.

30 Min - 40$ / 60 Min - 65$ / 90 Min -95$ 



Therapeutic deep tissue bodywork focuses on specific problem areas to create more balance and ease-of-movement in the body. Medium to deep pressure is used to soften the network of fascia tissue to improve posture, flexibility, range of motion, energy levels, at the same time providing relief from tension, aches, pains and stiffness. Treatment is provided lying down on a massage table. 

60 Min - 65$ / 90 Min - 95$



A prenatal massage is a great way for expecting mothers to find relief and relaxation. Prenatal massage can relieve aches in your back and neck, leading to a better night’s sleep. It improves circulation, reduces nervous tension, and can help relieve depression and anxiety. Remember to speak to your OBGYN first to decide if prenatal massage is right for you. Massage can be received on a massage table, seated in a chair or through reflexology, however the client is most comfortable. 

30 Min - 40$ / 45 Min - $60 /     60 Min - 75$ / 90 Min - $115



30 Min - 40$ / 60 Min - 65$

Reflexology is a form of body work that involves applying pressure to specific points on the hands, feet, or ears within reflex zones that relate to organs, glands and other body systems such as circulatory, respiratory, endocrine and immune systems. Treatment is provided lying down on massage table or seated in a reclining chair.

30 Min - 40$ / 60 Min - 65$




Welcome to Northern Bliss Massage & Wellness. I'm Ali Smith, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner. As a massage therapist I recognize the inherent healing capabilities of the human body and work through massage and the power of intuitive touch to facilitate positive physical and emotional changes for my clients. 

In today’s busy world, where we can be connected 24/7, providing ourselves with very little rest or time to recharge and heal illness or injury, it is vital to overall wellness to slow down, listen to our physical bodies and be kind to our emotional and mental beings. Bodywork is an essential component to maintaining a healthy physical body, aging with wellness, reducing our reactions to stressors and keeping the mind sharp. Stress and illness are factors that are growing in frequency for many, taking effect on everything from our sleep, energy levels and decision making, our capacity to be present, ability to avoid or reduce disease states and our inability to feel in balance. 

I specialize in and have a passion for therapeutic Swedish massage (Circulatory), incorporating acupressure and meridian work (Tui Na), energetic bodywork, lymph drainage, reflexology, therapeutic stretching, and techniques from additional modalities like deep tissue, decompression therapy (dynamic cupping), Lomi Lomi and craniosacral massage, based on the needs of my clients. Regardless of a client’s bodywork needs, I enjoy creating an environment in which you are able to wind down into deep relaxation.

Training includes: 2017 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) Sanctuary OC, 2019 Reiki Levels 1 & 2 natural healing techniques and esoteric acupressure used to improve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, 2018-2020 Holistic Health Practitioner Program (1000 hrs.), member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals and American Massage Therapy Association. Licensed (LMT) in Michigan. Certified (CMT) in California. Cannabis educated.

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Welcome to Sault Massage, I am excited to begin work as your massage therapist!  My name is Tancy Linn and I have been a therapist for over 10 years.  I am honored to be a graduate of the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage in Virginia Beach, Virginia and thoroughly enjoy sharing Cayce knowledge and treatments here in the UP. 


I am a mother of three, a spouse, and a veteran. I know what it’s like to struggle through your day with chronic pain, strains and other imbalances that life presents.  While I do specialize in the Cayce/Reilly work, I am further trained in Myofascial Release Therapy, Reflexology, Cranial/Sacral Release, and several types of energy work.


Together we’ll find the right therapy for your relaxation, relief and healing. Massage benefits so many areas of life, I look forward to working with you one on one to find how massage can improve your life!  Namaste

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